Tanzanie: quand la superstition mène à la tuerie

Ziuazahau RikeleEn raison du fort prix de leurs membre sur le marché noir, les albinos de Tanzanie sont en danger. Depuis 2007, une cinquantaine ont été tués, plusieurs autres se sont fait couper bras, jambes ou organes génitaux.

La population d’environ 170 000 albinos vit dans une peur constante. En raison de ce trafic immonde, plusieurs en sont réduits à vivre dans des enceintes protégées par des gardes armés, ou à être protégés par des gardes lorsqu’ils se déplacent.

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Ziuazahau Rikele

Ziuazahau Rikele is a 22 year old mother of 2 year old twins Azizi and Aziza. They moved to Burahati, 12km west of Dar El Salam, because of constant threats from locals in their isolated birthplace, the Coastal region of Kilwa

Indeed, Mariam’s grandfather, Mabula, told this week how he had buried what was left of the little girl inside his mud hut.

Lifting the bed where his granddaughter’s remains were hidden beneath a mound of earth, he now sleeps above the grave to ensure robbers don’t come back to collect Mariam’s bones.

Amid an international outcry over this most recent spate of albino killings, the Tanzanian president, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, has banned all witch doctors from operating in his country – a favourite safari and beach holiday destination for British tourists – and has appointed the country’s first albino MP, Shaymaa Kwegyir.

The president has also ordered his officers to crack down on the trade. So far, more than 90 people have been arrested for their role in the grisly trade, including four corrupt police officers.

Fifteen other alleged albino murderers will also soon face trial.

Pressure groups battling to end the killing of albinos were last night celebrating the death sentences handed down to the three men who slaughtered Matatizo and chopped up his body for ‘medicine’.

Indeed, Ernest Kimaya, the chairman of the Tanzania Albino Society, last night called for the guilty men to be put to death in public – as a warning to others intent of selling albino body parts.

‘We hope that [the president] will authorise the death sentence the soonest,’ he said.

‘And that these executions are carried out publicly to show that the government is serious about this war against albino killers.’

Efforts to support albinos are also being made on a local level. A school has been turned into a sanctuary for albinos near the village where Mariam died.

Her nine-year-old brother, also an albino, has been enrolled there. But the children at the sanctuary are still not entirely safe from predators.

‘We have put up a fence and we are trying to step up security with night patrols,’ says head teacher, John Loudmoya. ‘But we still have to be on our guard.’

Indeed, it is unlikely that the hangings of the albino killers will bring an end to this murderous trade – for one simple reason: there is too much money at stake.

And while that remains the case, these extraordinary people will continue to suffer the most appalling violence at the hands of greedy and bloodthirsty mobs.

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I find your story very degrading insulting to Africans. The writer displays an ignorance & stereotype of Africa & I’m not sure whether it’s intentionally done to paint an image that’s created by his story or if it’s real?
This kind of stereotyping is generally found amongst ignorant Europeans who have never gone beyond the Meditarrenean shores.
This practice is not common or known beyond the community where he might have witnessed this happening.I’m an African & it’s the 1st time I’ve ever heard or read anything like this in my short life of 43 years.
If this happens in some small corner of Tanzania it does not mean it’s an African practice even though it happens in Africa.
Whatever strange practices they might have in some society in Romania,Hungary, Bulgaria or former Soviet State does not make that practice European even though it happens in Europe.
Stop taking Africa as a society because it’s not, it’s a continent with countries with diverse societies journalists should know.

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to whoever ballsed-up the editing of my comment at 10:50; you made it read totally incoherently. thank you so much – NOT.

my original comment was about the mispelling of Dar es Salaam as Dar El Salam and also how the sad thing « that most people in Dar know, and that has failed to be mentioned in this report, » was the genetic link to albinism.

whoever edits the comments, I could do your job better than you, and I’m guessing this one WON’T be published.

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I read the story and must say i was horrified by the writer. The Africa described is unrecognisable, and i lived there for 27yrs! Tanzania is in Africa, it not the whole of Africa. In any case this happens in a small part of that country. Why generalise and malign the rest of Africa, a continent made up of 52 other countries? WHY?

Click to rate Rating 9

What intelligent enlightened people they are. Im off to eat my dog, he is white and I just know he will cure my eczema.

Click to rate Rating 26

What a delightful continent! Always such charming stories coming out of Africa.

Click to rate Rating 56

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