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Les cathos vénèrent le sang du pape mort

Selon l’AFP:

Une ampoule contenant le sang de Jean Paul II sera exposée comme relique à la vénération des fidèles pendant la cérémonie de sa béatification, dimanche au Vatican, a annoncé aujourd’hui la salle de presse du Saint-Siège.

Comme si ce n’était pas déjà assez louche d’inviter les fidèles à vénérer un mort, on pousse le macabre jusqu’à se prosterner devant quelques goûtes de son sang.

Le culte des reliques ne fait pas l’unanimité au sein de l’église. D’après BBC News:

But some critics reject the veneration of relics, saying it smacks of medieval or pagan practices. Others say that by introducing relics into the public cult of John Paul, Dziwisz is reducing the memory of a complex and multidimensional figure to simplistic mementos.

« Relics were needed in times when people could not read or write, » said Rev. Krzysztof Madel, a Jesuit priest in Nowy Sacz, near Krakow, who has spoken out against the promotion of the relics. By placing a vial of John Paul’s blood in the altar of a church in Krakow, he argued, « we will return to the Middle Ages and magic-based Catholicism. »

The veneration of relics goes back to the early days of Christianity, when gatherings were sometimes held secretly on graves of martyrs to avoid persecution. Once Christians were freer to worship churches were built inside cities, but the remains of martyrs were deemed indispensable and were brought to the churches.

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Jean-Paul II s’auto-mutilait pour Jésus

(CNN) — Pope John Paul II used to beat himself with a belt and sleep on a bare floor to bring himself closer to Christ, a book published Wednesday says.

The late pope had a particular belt for self-flagellation and brought it with him to his summer residence, according to the book, « Why he is a Saint: The True story of John Paul II. »

« As some members of his own entourage were able to hear with their own ears, both in Poland and in the Vatican, Karol Wojtyla flagellated himself, » the book says, using the name the pope was given at birth.

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